Clay stones

Brick is an artificial stone of clay with regular geometric shape. Is is known as a construction material from the very old times. It appeared in Russia in IV century. Many objects were built from it: monasteries, churches, fortresses, houses, factories, schools, hospitals. Brick means protection, strength, warmness and coziness. 

There is Danilovskiy district of Moscow and it’s history strongly connected with brick. In 1370 Simonov Monastery was built here. It was one of the strongest and biggest monasteries of Moscow and it’s area. It was a real fortress. In XVII century huge armouries was built in this district.  At the end of XIX century factories appeared here one by one: The factory of the engineer Bary, Moscow joint stock company ZIL, Dinamo factory, Ball bearing factory, Bicycle factory. New brick apartment houses, canteens, Cultural centres and clubs were built for factory workers. The railway lane connected Danilovskiy district with Moscow center. Nowadays the district transforms from industrial to business. Former factory brick building today are reconstructed to modern business centres. And the life goes on. 


Three-dimensional photo sculptures bind historical brick layers of Danilovskiy district into unitary compositions meaning the historical regeneration. 

 © 2019 by Natalia Drachinskaya

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